Roborealm Camera Connection

Hello, CD.
We have an axis camera connected to a wireless ‘d-link’ and we want to send that video feed to Roborealm on our computer, wirelessly, for image processing. We were unsuccessful in connecting Roborealm to the axis camera on the d-link via: ‘Axis_Internet_Camera’ OR even through the use of ‘Network_Tables_Client’ taking video from SmartDashboard. We followed this tutorial on network tables:

We added the code to update it too and followed the tutorial as close as possible but when we activated the code nothing appeared on Roborealm. To remedy this we tried closing SmartDashboard since believed that perhaps they can’t work at the same time, however this didn’t help.
Is there anything you can help with?

  • Team 5236 Programming Team

Disable view authentication. Go into the settings and the users’ main page. There should be a tickbox to allow you to disable the view authentication.

I actually prefer using the MJPG stream. To do that, just insert:

http://[axis ip]/mjpg/video.mjpg

that’ll work for both the m1013 and the m1011.