RoboRealm GetVariable NetworkTable

We are using RoboRealm on the driverstation to do vision tracking. We have it working well, and can aim. However, because of the vibration of our shooter, we don’t have the camera fixed securely to it. Because of that, there is the possibility for it to move. As we have it, the offset formulas are in a vbscript in roborealm. We use the offset value to overlay cross hairs on the screen in case we want to aim manually. On the cRio (java), we have the ability to manually create an additional offset if the auto aim is a little off. We then store that value in network table and robot preferences. We are having trouble getting that variable back into RoboRealm. I can see the variables in the network tables plugin. They are listed in available plugins, with the correct values, but they never seem to have any value when we go to use them.
We are using

gunnerOffsetX = GetVariable("/Preferences/gunnerOffsetX")

to get the variable, then we use it in our formula.

Any ideas as to why this isn’t working?

Found the solution. Have to use GetFloatVariable instead of GetVariable.