Roborealm Image in Dashboard

I have been working on getting a processed image from roborealm to appear on are FRC dashboard, i have succeed.

This the line that is in are

As you can see there are two subvi’s, roborealm image asks roborealm for the image in a string, it then goes to the which is just a copy of some code i found in the “WPI_CameraRead” which turns it into a image which is then displayed on the dashboard.

Roborealm Image String

Decode Jpg

I have also attached the vi that i just talked about just unzip the .zip file to retrieve them.

I hope this helps people, i posted this because i could not find anything on the internet that shows how to get the Image on the dashboard in labview all i could find was for java and C++.

Roborealm (198 KB)

Roborealm (198 KB)

The only thing that I’ll comment on that might be improved is to use the actual WPILib JPEG decoder without dropping down that low level.

vi.lib\Rock Robotics\WPI\Camera\

Greg McKaskle

Thank you for the reply my only question is what is the difference between the two because they both have the same inputs and outputs. The decoder i show is a exact copy of what is done in the dashboard project.

The unique stuff you wrote for RR is a nice thing to give away, and the copy of the jpeg stuff is something everyone already has. It is part of WPILib.

The difference is that there are now two subVIs that are functionally the same with almost the same name. It wasn’t clear to me why the copy was constructed. If it was for practice, and understanding, that is fine, but I suspect it will cause confusion over time, and it would be somewhat better to use the original.

Greg McKaskle

I see that your code says the camera is the Kinect, how are you getting the data from the Kinect to the driver station?