RoboRealm Stability

for the first time our team decided to try out the given roboRealm product and test it out to see if it’s better than the Vision Assistant.

after some experiments we really loved it! the only disadvantage we could find is it’s stability.

every once in a while the RoboRealm crushes and closes, this may occur at the competition and we can’t allow that!

Is anybody else having the same problem with RoboRealm? if so, what would you recommand and is there any way to get over that problem?

Thank you Very Much.

We have had this issue whenever we attempt to run our program without being connected to the robot, as soon as we re connect it fixes itself. It also happens if we turn the robot off before closing the program. We haven’t had any communication drops, but I assume that they would also crash it. Does anyone know a way to fix this?

My team last year had no issues whatsoever with RoboRealm. It was running on Windows XP with everything extra stripped out. The system physically was a mini-ITX motherboard with a SSD as the primary hard drive. Most of the time, XP and Roborealm started before the cRIO did. We actually ran two instances of RoboRealm at once; one processed data from a Kinect, the other processed data from a normal webcam to send to the driver, and we never had any problems with the system, except for those which could be traced to programmer error.

We are also having issues with RoboRealm Stability. After rebooting the robot RoboRealm stays frozen even after the Camera comes back up. We are also experiencing another issue with the NetworkTable module where a pop-up will keep saying NetworkTable Unknown ID. Other than those issues RoboRealm works fine with sending the data to the SmartDashboard

Hi all,

We did have some of the issues with the network tables module and the axis module that have largely been resolved (we’re not currently aware of any issues). First step is to re-download RR using your original link (its been updated many times this past month) and reinstall that over your current installation.

The ‘freezing’ was due to a network wait in the Axis module … this has been fixed.

The Network tables have been updated many times to resolve a firmware update on the CRio (we developed it with a previous firmware version), a situation where data would get swapped between variables, crashing due to integer arrays being zero, etc. etc. So an update to get the NT module is really recommended and only takes a couple seconds (RR is very quick to download).

If you get a crash, you will notice a popup the next time you run it. Please add in your email address so we can contact you when the error is fixed and allow all that to be sent to us. We monitor these very frequently and update ASAP to address any new or old issues. They are very useful in getting fixes out quickly.

If you continue to see these issues PLEASE let us know. Either post the problem in our forums, use the contact form on our site or post something here. We’re always happy to help.