Okay - I have roborealm downloaded but I do not understand how to make it work for this years competition. I am using the Axis IP camera and am programming in Java commandbase.

How do I make the image show up in the driver station?
Do I still have to write code for it and how do I do that?
How does it work?

I need a lot of help with this because I do not understand anything about it.
I looked at the tutorials and they did not help me at all.

ANY help will be GREATLY appreciated. THANKS!

I would advise not jumping into roborealm as the first step.

Follow the steps here to set up the camera:

Once the camera is set up you should see the stream. No code required.

There is a button on the driver station that you may have to press to activate the stream.

Let me know once you have that up and running, and I can help you with referencing the camera via java.

We are interested in this topic as well, and have the camera set up. Would you please continue on to the part with java and roborealm?

I have put together some videos and an extension to wpilib called HotCamera. If you email me ([email protected]). I can invite you to my dropbox where this is hosted.

I’ve also figured out how to “include” another project with your robot code, which will allows me to provide bug fixes and updates as I work on the code more.

Right now the library is only designed to answer the hot or not question. Due to performance issues with image processing on the crio, I am trying to keep the code as simple as possible. As I proceed through the season I may expand it as other features are requested.

As far a roborealm goes, I am trying to avoid it for now. I would prefer leaving the network open for robot coms and not take up any of the bandwidth for image processing.

A good place to start for learning RoboRealm would be the 2013 FRC RoboRealm page: They have tutorials on how to set up and use RoboRealm, as well as how to send data to the robot with NetworkTables.

Edit: they also have a page for this year:

Here’s some more documentation that might help for using RoboRealm with Java:

Hope this helps

Okay - Thanks!