Roborecon Scouting Application

Over this offseason, the scouting team at Team Paradox has been reworking our scouting application to make it available to all teams. The applcation is hosted on It only requires a google account to setup.

Here is the list of basic features of our scouting app:

  • Instant team setup

  • Custom Scouting Metrics

  • Data Visualization

  • Web Browser Based (Mobile Friendly, no App needed)

  • Multiple Event scouting

  • Easy to Understand Data

  • Easy Data sharing

  • Invite multiple users quickly

  • Great for Alliance selection

  • Effortless scouter management

Here are some examples of our data showing:

Here is a tutorial of how to use our app Roborecon Tutorial.docx (2.0 MB)

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns post here, pm, or email us at


What type of device do your scouts use at competition to access this? I know setting up a hot spot is generally a no-no (gets you called out by SSID by the FTA in Indiana). Do you just have everyone bring their phone and use mobile data?

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We generally have our scouters bring their phones and use their mobile data at the competition

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It also allows you to view and sort data from TBA, in addition to data from your scouts. That means that rank, record, OPR, etc. are all visible through the app.

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