RoboRIO 2.0 2023 Season

Does anyone know if there is there a plan to send the RoboRIO 2.0 to teams this season in the KoP? We have been trying to get one since last season and they haven’t been available. We also haven’t been able to get ahold of the new REV PDH either.

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See this blog post from June 7th regarding the 2023 control system.


I read somewhere that they would come in the rookie kits but thats it. And to note that the black tote that everyone else gets will not have the 2 motor controllers in it this year. That was one of the major reasons we are opting out of the black tote this year.

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I’ll also add that @Andy_Baker mentioned back in mid September that they are indeed expecting a “larger” batch (larger being in reference to the small batches of 100 units they’ve received recently) of RIO’s to be en route.

Fingers crossed before kickoff :crossed_fingers:

We were lucky enough and our coach was quick enough that we got one of those. :sunglasses:

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