RoboRio 2.0 breaks imaging into 3 partitions

RIO sd
Is the sd card for the rio supposed to look like this in the storage disk management from your laptops?

Yes and no… you should have 3 partitions, not 4 and none of them should be FAT/FAT32.

Mine came with like 6 partitions.

What’s it supposed to be formatted as? Is there any info on what sizes we’re supposed to make the partitions?

Mine looks like this after formatting with an etcher and the 2023 image.

You shouldn’t be making any partitions.
You shouldn’t even need to look at the partitions.

You should be using the instructed method to image the card and then put it into the RIO 2.0 and never take it out unless you are re-imaging it.

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balena etcher didn’t seem happy with the existing format/partitions which is why I looked at it in the first place.

Guess I’ll check again tomorrow.

Balena should not care about the partitions at all. Are you asking about the windows warning messages that pop up when you insert the card?

Nope. I’ll try again tomorrow and grab what balena etcher pops up with if it happens again.

Tried a few weeks ago and honestly just put it aside anyway since we have rio 1.0’s to use instead.

I don’t know right off what this would be so would be curious to see the error. Would be good to get it documented as a known thing since the 2.0 imaging process is confusing enough.

This is the right answer for most teams. There isn’t much to be gained from the 2.0 and, since I’m on a trend this morning, you really want to reduce the number of failure points and not add to them, which is what the SD card does.