RoboRio 2.0 Shut off in the middle of imaging and will no longer connect

Was working on re-imaging a Rio 2.0 when one of our members accidentally turned off the robot in the middle of reformating it. I turned it on again and tried to pick up where I left off and I could no longer connect to the Rio at all. I restarted the computer, restarted the robot, reset the Rio, but every time it still said “No Device Found”. I double-checked on another Rio and it worked perfectly fine, so it’s not the computer or the cord. If you have any idea of what may be going on and if there is a way to fix the Rio 2 please let me know.

Edit: Some additional information, we had the Rio 2 working perfectly fine. I’ve already gotten it to work with our robot before. Due to a corrupted file on the SD card, we had to relfash and image the Rio 2 again and the power was cut in the middle of it imaging. That’s when it would suddenly not connect at all.


on the RIO 2.0 I believe you can flash the SD card separately

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On the roborio 2, it is recommend that you reformat and image the SD card out of the Rio. Doing it on the Rio causes issues.

Try removing your card, directly reformatting it and imaging it, then putting it back into your Rio 2.

Follow these directions:


I already flashed the SD card, you can’t start imaging the Rio 2 without doing so. I was in the middle of reformating the rio itself when power was lost. Also even if the SD card isn’t flashed, it will still connect to the Rio imaging tool, but instead we are getting no connection at all.
This page describes a procedure to reformat an unrecoverable roboRIO using a USB flash drive containing a file called recovery.cfg. (Roughly the same advice is also included in CSA training, but I don’t think it would work to share a link to it here.)

I think you are confusing your terminology.

Flashing an SD card is the same thing as imaging it.

The format option is something done to a Rio 1 prior to imaging it.

I do not believe you need to format a Rio 2 after you have imaged and installed the SD card. You just need to set the team number, and you are ready to go.

Try re-imaging the sdcard directly on your computer, then plugging it into the Rio 2 and power cycling the Rio 2. Then use the imaging tool to set your team number. You should be ready to run after that.


Try a different SD card? There really isn’t any storage on the Rio 2 outside of the SD card that the imaging tool accesses. The USB recovery thing mentioned above is for Rio 1’s, I don’t think there’s an equivalent for Rio 2.

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You’re probably right; the CSA instructions don’t mention a roboRIO version.

According to this thread, the roboRIO 2 has 16 MB of non-volatile memory outside the SD card.

Don’t forget to remove the little white sticker on the SD card, if one is present (it helps to ensure the slot and card fit well together).

Yes, but the imaging tool doesn’t touch it.

For 2023, we’re making it more clear in the documentation that in-Rio imaging is not supported for the Rio 2 and users should only use the SD card imaging method.

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