Roborio 2 disassembly


Neat. What are you doing with it? Just taking it to pieces?

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We had to take ours apart when the sd card fell into it :roll_eyes:


So did we, the newish spring system is just objectively worse than the old system of just not having an sd card.

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Lmaoooo. We took it apart on the first day with the same issue. We were in the first batch too :sob::sob::sob:

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I’m fairly certain a big driver for moving to the SD Card was to prevent the RMAs where the onboard memory was getting corrupted and the RIO 1.0s could not be recovered. It might also have been that those parts just weren’t available/obsolete and needed to be changed anyway.

The amusing thing to me is that the case mold and the board had to be changed to accommodate the SD card slot. I would speculate that a board mounted cage style SD Card that could only be accessed by opening the case would have worked for the majority of teams and prevented the mold changes… but maybe there wasn’t enough board real estate to do that… though it certainly seems like there is.

I’m picturing a Rio with a 6 micro sd card changer on the inside like some cars had for cds.


There’s probably enough space inside to do it.

I did not know about that issue because we never had it and I never heard of anyone having that issue before. Although to be fair Rapid React was my first FRC season, so I probably just haven’t been in FRC long enough.

Yeah, the 1.0s are remarkably stable/solid devices and the recovery process works for a few but sometimes they just weren’t recoverable. I’ve been recommending teams who want reliability try to run the 1.0s if they can get them. Unless you are doing something that needs the extra storage or RAM then the 1.0s are more reliable overall.

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