RoboRio 2 Survey

Hello! My team has been trying to decide if we want to purchase a RoboRio 2.0 for our competition bots next year. We’ve been on the fence so I created a survey (Linked Below) to collect some data on other teams experience with them. I would really appreciate any answers, and would extra appreciate people replying to this / sharing it to get as many people to fill it out as possible.


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I would consider waiting as the new control system is set to come out in 2027. Only reason I would buy one now is if you only have 1-3 on hand.


Is the question rio 2 being worth the upgrade, or if it’s safe to get them to replace broken or unavailable rio 1s?

I note that your survey seems to be very focused on potential negatives as opposed to positive reasons why you should make the switch. While like many others I am disappointed by certain design choices (and even more so of missed opportunities for improvements) on the Rio 2, there are three compelling reasons to go to one:

  • Modern FRC software, even at a moderate level of sophistication, barely fits in the available memory on a Rio 1. The Rio 2 is twice the memory, but effectively much more because all of the added memory is available for userspace use. (That is, the OS and services overhead takes about the same space on either platform, so it’s a much larger percentage of the total on the Rio 1.)
  • The Rio 2 has a modest but not insignificant performance increase (about 30%). Again, if you’re trying to get all the software performance you can, this can give you an edge.
  • The Rio 2 is all you can buy new, so if you need a new controller, this is what you’re going to get - whether this is because your Rio got damaged, or because your team chooses (budget permitting) to run new hardware on new competition bots. Sure, you might find a used Rio 1, but who knows how many hits it’s endured and how many metal shavings went into it.

Teams have been using Rio 2’s successfully on the field for 3 years now, and there hasn’t been an epidemic of failures attributed to them. Choosing to stay with a Rio 1 effectively limits your software ceiling at this point; your team needs to decide if that’s a factor for you, and a tradeoff you are willing to accept.


I’m very aware of these things, I’m strongly in the “we should buy it” and so are most other leads, and our mentors, we just want to collect information on negatives

Far too many for us, at one of our events our roborio 1 stopped working and we had to take the casing off and use compressed air to blow out all of the metal shavings.