RoboRIO 5V Control Help


Looking for some advice…

Our team wants feed 5V at 600mA to a LED light source. Any suggestions for doing this somehow directly via the RoboRIO given our current requirements?


roboRIO output lines (DIO or relay pins) will not deliver current you want

Unless you need to turn it on and off, why not connect it to the 5V - 2A output of the VRM? It’s already on your robot.

If you do want to switch it, add a 5V relay module, wired to that same 2A output, controlled from a DIO port. Note that most relay modules are “low active” meaning that you need to connect the 5V and the signal from the DIO to VCC and the control input, then connect the Gnd and Vrelay to the VRM. Pull the jumper!

This is incorrect. I’d recommend you state a source if you’re going to make a claim.

While not recommended (VRM would be preferable), the RoboRIO can comfortably supply 600mA on its 5V rail. The RoboRIO is capable of delivering up to 1A on it’s 5V rail, as well as 2.2A on 6V and 1.225A on 3.3V.

Keep in mind that, without a relay, you won’t be able to control whether it turns on or off. The Digital Out logic levels are 0V low, and 3.465V high, however a 5V constant supply is provided both from MXP and from the DIO rails. Relay ports are a 5V option but are limited to 7.5mA

Information from the NI RoboRIO Specification Document, Page 6, “Power Output”.