RoboRio and Radio Troubles

1/21: I’m having trouble with our RoboRio, and connecting to the Radio. All the wiring is correct but, our Radio is just not connecting to the RoboRio. I’ve already flashed the RoboRio, and configured the Radio.
When I was trying to connect wireless I can get connection to the Radio but when I try to Build the code it can’t locate the RoboRio and the build fails.
I am able to connect to the RoboRio with the cable that I used to Image the Robot but, when that is disconnected I lose both connection and code on the DriverStation. I am lost with what is wrong at this point.

1/22: So still having trouble with trying to get them connected. We have tried restarting the Computer, gone through power cycles, tried following the wiring from last years robot. We talked to our old programmer and still had no idea what was going on. We are using C++, and currently we have the code as

class Robot: public SampleRobot
Joystick* Stick;
Joystick* xbox;
Talon *LeftFront;
Talon *RightFront;
Talon *LeftBack;
Talon *RightBack;


LeftFront= new Talon(0);
RightFront= new Talon(1);
LeftBack= new Talon(2);
RightBack= new Talon(3);
void operatorControl() {
while(IsOperatorControl()&& IsEnabled()){

We put the code like this in an attempt to just connect and getting the wheels moving, but when we did and deployed the code (wired) none of the wheels moved. At this point we are lost at what the situation could be, and we are just trying to get some communications between the two, or get the Robot to move just in general.

Hey Andrew! Seems like you might not have gone into the RoboRio itself and assigned the CAN Talon’s to their correct ports. The easiest way to do so is to go to this URL in internet explorer when CONNECTED to the RoboRio ( Best bet would be Ethernet while doing this ) After getting in you should be able to assign the Talon’s Ports. If you have done this already let me know and I’ll see if I can think of anything else that could be affecting it.


void RobotInit(){
CANTalon* motor1 = new CANTalon(1);

Then you would have to go inside the RoboRio ( Make sure its UPDATED to the latest firmware as well ) and assign the Talon that is set to Port 0 to Port 1

Hope this helps!

And as for the radio, make sure its plugged into the 804.1 port and not the 18-Somthing port, it may be your problem.

Hey William, I am the programmer from the team that Andrew is on. We were wondering what the url that you were referencing was, and if it wouldn’t be too much to ask, can you briefly explain how to assigned the Talons once we get in.

(It’s my first year programming, and the last programmer just graduated. :ahh: )

I apologize for not including the URL in my first reply. In your case you would go to roborio-3633-FRC.local and as for assigning the Talons, you would first have to know what port to enter for it, an example for it would be:

motorExample1 = new CANTalon(1);
//Later defined in the private variables section (If you are doing a non-command based)
CANTalon* motorExample1;

Then using the port ‘1’, you would simply click the motor in the GUI and assign it to the desired port (1 in our case) then you’re all set!

Let me know if you have anymore questions!

Well, the way you word this made this sound easier than it is. The way your wording this makes me think that you just go in, click the motor, and assign it. My problem is, there dosn’t seem to be a motor to click on… or anything that isn’t a Power Distribution Panel. :confused:

Well… that must be a hardware problem