Roborio CAD file

Does anyone have a CAD file (preferably .step) for the roborio? Andymark does not provide one and the latest thread’s link is dead. Thanks

-Matthew Gilbert
Team 2915 Pandamonium

Andymark doesn’t host the file, but they do have a link to the NI site that has a big blue button ™ titled “roboRIO CAD Models” (

If you click on that link it doesn’t work that’s why i’m asking

Nevermind found it thank you!

If you found it can you please lost a link on this thread so the next person who has the same problem as you can find it. Thanks.

P.S. I’m not sure where you found it but I’m pretty sure that it’s included in the SolidWorks KoP files.

Its also included in the inventor KOP files

Can someone share a STEP version of the file? I tried the link to NI and its still broken. And I’m working in an older version of Inventor so can’t get it out of the current files.

zip of multiple versions:

that link came from the bottom of this form post before all the comments

Solidworks wasn’t happy with the STEP file I converted (I can’t remember where I got it from though, so the files at the link above might be fine), so I spent some time last year fixing the surfaces it was complaining about. If anyone else is working in solidworks and had that problem before, I believe the file here is fixed:

(you can also download that as a step file but I’m not sure if it’ll have the same problem again)

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