RoboRIO code deployment from Manjaro

Hi all! I’m the programming lead for Team 7540, and I’m having a bit of an issue deploying code to our RoboRIO.

Because of limited resources, all of our laptops run linux (With the exception of the driver station and backup). During the Waco competition, the people running the competition requested that the wireless cards in every driver station be disabled due to problems with windows’ handling of networks and the FMS. Because of this, every time we need to push updated code to the robot, we need to re-enable the wireless card, connect to the network, pull from our git repo, and then deploy.

To reduce headaches and make the entire process easier, I need to be able to deploy code from my laptop, which is the only laptop that gets programmed on during competition. However, plugging into the USB port on the RIO (Which is, for the most part, just a network interface built into the RIO) and attempting to deploy through VSCode fails consistently.

My laptop uses Manjaro Linux with KDE. I need to know what network settings I should assign to the interface in the RIO so that I can communicate with it and deploy code. I’ve looked at a few other posts about this, which suggested the TE.AM thing and the “Shared to other computers” option. Neither, however, work.

We use a RoboRIO 2.0 with the latest firmware.

The USB network adapter driver is made/distributed by NI via the GameTools installer, which is windows-only. I’m not sure you’ll be able to get the USB connection to work on linux. That said, normal ethernet works just fine if you connect through a switch with the robot radio connected to the network (or static IPs set for everything)

That interface is a very strange one. I have gotten it to work with Linux, but it’s extremely painful and rather finicky. If you want to try it, one key thing is that you have to run a DHCP server on the laptop side of the interface.

Might help.

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I did see this, but I had issues getting a DHCP server to start on the interface. I took some time to work on it for a different project, and realized that I had just configured it incorrectly. I’m going to try and get it to deploy over the ethernet connection. The only thing with that is that I have to unplug the limelight or the radio. In terms of drivers, manjaro seems to already have drivers for the nic.

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Add a network switch. You probably want to do that anyway as the second port of the radio is known to have occasional issues.

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That’s fair, although we don’t currently have the time. I’ll take it up with the rest of the team, though.

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