roboRIO COMM light green, no comms on driver station

Yesterday I was testing my team’s robot from last season, and I had some problems communicating with it. The roboRIO had a green COMM light, but driver station said that I had no robot communication. I verified I was connected to the bridge via driver station, and I was. Nothing was working so I tethered through USB and I was able to control the robot. Any ideas on what could be wrong?

Perhaps a firewall is in the way on the Driver Station computer.

I checked this afternoon and the Windows firewall was off, so it wasn’t that, but I think it might be a problem with the roboRIO because I was able to connect and drive a different robot with a different roboRIO.

I haven’t tried to isolate this in a test, but according to the documentation, this indicates that the roboRIO is satisfied that it is in communication with a driver station.

I can think of a couple reasons why the roboRIO may think it is in comms, but the DS doesn’t.

  1. Perhaps there is more than one DS involved? Try using a simpler and more directed form of communication such as USB or ethernet. Does killing the DS laptop cause the roboRIO LED to turn off?

  2. The communication is generally based on packet arrival. The DS sends packets to the roboRIO and the roboRIO sends status packets back. The symptoms you describe could indicate that the control packets are successfully arriving at the roboRIO, but the return status packets are being blocked.

Greg McKaskle