Roborio Comms Not Working

Our roboRIO appears to be updated to the latest imaging and firmware, but when we open the driver station it shows that the roboRIO is on the older versions. Our communications light and robot code light are both red and in the diagnostics tab when we connect our ethernet cable the only lights that turn green are enet, wifi, and USB. The roboRIO is able to deploy code and has connected before. The firewall does not appear to be an issue because we have run the driver station and code off of this particular laptop before. Every time we try to reformat the roboRIO throws the error code 2147220611 and when we try to update the error code 2147220622 is thrown. Any solutions?

Try to boot it into safe mode and then try reformatting it afterwards? Other things may be a bad USB cable or swapping computers to see if it works.

Regarding the communication not working, I recommend exploring the proposed solutions in: Unable to Connect to roboRIO in Driver Station, Imaging Tool or LabVIEW

Regarding the errors when formatting/reimaging, I recommend trying the steps in: FRC Firmware Update Failing

Ah ha, this worked, thank you.

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