roboRIO connection issues

I’ve recently switched laptops to use with our competition robot, I can’t connect to it with wireless and am having trouble pinpointing the problem.

I re-imaged and updated firmware on the roborio and downloaded the NI FRC Update Suite, I ran the FRC bridge/radio config and disabled windows firewall.

I am able to connect to the robot with USB and can ping both roborio-3238-frc.local and successfully.

All the lights on the radio are on and the wireless network appears on available networks.

I connected Ethernet to the radio with DHCP and am able to ping the Ethernet IPv4 and DNS but not the roborio-3238-frc.local, driver station says no robot communication when I’m connected with Ethernet and/or USB.

When I connect to the rio wirelessly with IPv4 config set to 10.32.38.(1-5) or with DHCP driver station says no robot communication.

Forgive me if I missed something obvious in the troubleshooting guide, I’m going to take a fresh look at this tomorrow but I’d appreciate any help. I don’t have the other laptop with me unfortunately (it’s locked at our school) but will have access to it Saturday.

Did you turn off the Windows firewall in all three places? Open up “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security” and make sure it’s off in the Domain, Private, and Public profiles.

That was the problem, I can ping the roborio and run code now. Thanks!