Roborio Connectivity Via Ethernet

our new roborio will not connect to our drive station when handlined with a Ethernet cable but with a usb type B it works just fine and to make it even more weird it communicates just fine when you run the Ethernet cable to a radio and connect through wifi we have confirmed that the cable works because we can connect to other roborios just fine with it but not the newer model is anyone else having issues with this or any suggestions to fix/troubleshoot

If the roboRIO is connected directly to a computer with no radio in the network, and it is setup for DHCP, it has nothing to assign it a dynamic IP address. In this case, both devices take on a link-local IP address. In the roboRIO webdashboard, you can choose whether the roboRIO uses a static IP, DHCP only, or DCHP or link-local. Previously the default was DCHP or link-local, but at some point that got switched to DHCP only. If you connect via USB B, open the webdash, and switch it to “DCHP or link local”, you should then be able to connect directly over Ethernet.

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To add to this: the 2023 images have a difference between the Rio 2 and Rio 1. The Rio 2 default is DHCP only, the Rio 1 default is DHCP+Link Local. It’s on the list to fix for next year.


we tried the fix but it doesn’t seem to work still

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