RoboRIO doesn't detect CAN devices

We’ve update the RoboRIO to the latest firmware, but no CAN devices are showing up. We’ve tested the chain with just one device to be sure it wasn’t wiring, but even that one didn’t show up. Any troubleshooting tips?

When you write that no CAN device is showing, do you mean that the web interface of the RoboRIO is properly working and not showing any device or that the web interface might not be working?

If the web interface might not be working, are you sure that you are using Internet Explorer with the Silverlight plugin enabled and are trusting the IP address that corresponds to the RoboRIO?

And did you install the Phoenix Framework onto your FRC robot?

Literally just had this same problem. You have to run the CTRE Phoenix update on your RIO as well, to see CAN devices of any kind. Super annoying. Post a reply if you need any other help, we just went through this exact problem this morning. The Internet Explorer stuff applies too, of course.

Check this link:

Scroll down to the section marked “Installing Phoenix Framework onto your FRC robot” and read that