Roborio Ethernet Problem


We were working on our off season robot, and we’ve been having a strange problem.

We can connect to the RoboRIO via USB, however we cannot connect over Ethernet within DV.

We were able to deploy code and ping to the RoboRIO, however we cannot connect over ethernet. Whenever we’re connected the Com box is red, and the RoboRIO COMM light is Red and intermittently flashes.

The above is true with multiple computers, all of which with Firewalls disabled and all other network devices disabled.

We are very confused and any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Did you check that your team number is configured correctly in the driver station?

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How are you connecting to the RoboRIO? Through the Radio? or you doing direct Ethernet from PC to RoboRIO?

Yes, the team number is configured properly in Driver Station.

Through direct Ethernet to the RoboRIO.

You make sure to set your PC’s ethernet to Manual IP using the same Block ( where X should be something > 10. Netmask of You can skip the Gateway since you not going out through the RoboRIO. Also to make sure you disabled all other network interface on your PC.

Once you do that, ping your RoboRIO and what do you get?

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I will try it when I get to school.

We tried yesterday and were abled to ping it with 0% packet loss.

The Radio runs the DHCP server (The service that hands out IP addresses). If there is no reason to avoid using the Radio I would highly recommend it.

I’m not trying to avoid using the radio but just trying to help nat8622 where they are trying to connect directly from PC to the RoboRIO bypassing their Radio. Which might not be ideal but if they are trouble shooting connection issue, there’s nothing wrong with removing the radio as a potential problem device.

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That was also are rationale with removing it.

You shouldn’t need to set a static address after removing the radio from the network path. Both devices will assume their APIPA addresses (169.254..) and therefore will be on the same network segment, thus allowing mDNS to function. Of course, mDNS is far from reliable, so static addresses do bypass those issues as well. Just wanted to say that removing the radio and setting static addresses doesn’t immediately indicate the radio is at fault for the issues described.

Try: Ethernet to the radio; make sure your computer isn’t trying to only use POE (power over ethernet), a wierd problem one of our (team 1895) computers was having before we fixed it; try running everything as an admin (if you don’t already have root privelages); if you haven’t already, try a different cable; image and try with a different RIO

Those are all of the troubleshooting steps I’ve had to take while debugging RIOs. I don’t know if these will fix your problem, but it won’t hurt to try.

We solved the problem, thank you to everyone who helped out.

The problem was a combination of us not configuring driver station to our team number, and a programmer deleting an important file.

Again, thank you all!


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