Roborio freezing while deploying JRE

While I was trying to download the ejdk-8u6-fcs-b23-linux-arm-vfp-sflt-12_jun_2014 using the Java tool. It started to load and then it stops at the point when it begins to deploy the JRE to the roboRIo. I have re-imaged the roboRio twice and still it stops at that point. I don’t know what else to do and was looking if anyone can help.

Did you update the roboRIO firmware first?

How do we update the firmware? We are having the same issue, although we keep freezing when the file is tarring.

You should already be familiar with the 2015 FRC Control System documentation on the ScreenSteps Live site. Simply follow the link to the instructions on Updating your roboRIO firmware.

You may be having the problem discussed in team update 2015-01-23.