roborio how to reset password

hello I’ve tried to connect a roborio to the robot, (for re-imaging) and I have communications, but whenn i’m trying tp re-format (re-format / re-imaging) so its ask for a password. (but I dont know the password)
and I tried to login with username - admin and without password (blank password), or with username - admin, and password - admin, but both of them didn’t work.
what can I do ? There is a way to reset the roborio password ?
Thanks in advance

Try no username/ no password.

I didn’t even know you could a password on the roborio, I’'m assuming you guys went and set it on purpose. I don’t specifically know how to reset the password, but just for future advice… don’t set a password, there really is no point.

still don’t working… :confused:

I didn’t set a password (or at least I don’t think that I set a password, maybe I did set a password by mistake, but I don’t think that I did)
Is there any way to reset the roborio - via the hardware ? (with the buttons for example (like a certain sequence of clicks for example))
And I tried to call to the ni support, but it’s really hard to contact them because the time differences)

Any idea ? And thanks for the help

Have you tried entering the password as password? And I believe you can reset the roboRIO by holding down the reset button on the roboRIO itself. If that doesn’t work, I’m sure there is a guide on the first website.

I think this section of the WPIlib documentation will be relevant to you. Supposedly the default account is username of admin, with password being blank. If that’s not working, I might suggest trying to either SSH in and change the password through that, or trying to connect to the web dashboard and change the password for the admin account through that.