RoboRIO image and WPILIB version requirements

I have a few questions:

  1. Does the 2022 season require a team to use 2022 version of the NI game tools, or 2021 version is Ok as well?

  2. If 2022 tools are installed, does the RoboRIO 1.0 need to be updated to the 2022 image, or can it stay with 2021 image? (We plan to continue using 1.0)

  3. If Rio is updated to the 2022 image, does WPILIB need to be updated to the 2022 version that is recently released, or can it stay on 2021 version?

  4. Is 2022 firmware required for the CTRE devices in 2022 season, or can it stay on 2021 version?

The reason for all that - we have pretty stable 2021 setup. Use of 2022 requires re-importing projects and changes. It will also make more difficult supporting 2021 and older version robots we use for development and demos. But if we have to change by the rules, we will…

I’d strongly suggest taking a look into the game manual and team updates. They will govern what the minimum software versions are for a legal robot. R701 governs the RIO image, for example.

The quick answer is “latest everything” will likely be required. Mixing and matching previous year software with current year software will cause unexpected behavior, up to and including safety issues.

Again, and speaking from experience: Don’t risk getting to competition with a bot that can’t pass inspections. Read the manual. Read the manual. Read the manual. Read the manual.

  1. As far as the Driver Station, it always has to be the current season version.
    “R901 The Driver Station Software must be version 22.0 or newer.”

  2. The roboRIO image also:
    “R701 …with image version 2022_v3.0 or later.”

In general, things don’t work well together when they are from different interoperating generations.

Also, pay attention to Team Updates issued twice a week. They have already upgraded the required version of the roboRIO image since kickoff.

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  1. Yes, WPILib 2021 will not work with the 2022 RoboRIO image, so you must use WPILib 2022 as well.

Note the way that WPILib is designed, you can leave WPILib 2021 installed and use it for old robots, and in parallel have WPILib 2022 installed for development for the 2022 season.

With the new evergreen rules, you’ll want to make a note of R701. It’ll give you the image required for the roboRIO device(s).

R901 will give you the required Driver Station rules.

In general, the answer to your question will always be “no.” You won’t be able to use the software stack from year to year. There are updates that occur each year that require a change from one version to the next.

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R701 Control the ROBOT with a roboRIO. ROBOTS must be controlled via 1 [roboRIO]… with image version 2022_v3.0 or later

Thanks everyone for replying! In light of your responses we took a plunge today and updated everything to 2022 code, firmware etc.
Fortunately we only had about five dozen errors to correct after the import :slight_smile: and most of them were reasonably minor (e.g. extra parameter required for Compressor object instantiation).
It appears R701 is part of Team Update 2.
So, we’re in a good shape now. Better do this big of a change early than scramble towards the end.

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R701 existed originally and used an older version of the 2022 image. The team update just changed the requirement from 2.4 to 3.0. Both were newer than the 2021 image.

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