Roborio Image older versions

How can i get older versions of the roborio image?, like version 2018.

You can get them by downloading old versions of the NI Update Suite. What do you need an old image for?

i couldn’t find old verisons of it.


i need it so i will be able to deploy.
eclipse doesn’t support FRC 2019 but supports FRC 2018 therefore i need
FRC 2018, i mean 2018 v16 or v17

You can still develop your code in Eclipse and build and deploy it to your robot using the command line.
However, Eclipse is no longer the supported IDE in FRC, since 2019. Virtual Studio Code is the officially supported IDE. You should switch to VS Code, or other IDEs which support Gradle, such as IntelliJ IDEA.

Unless you are writing code for a 2018 bot that will be connected to a 2018 version of either FMS or offseason FMS, I am not sure why you would need a 2018 image of the roborio.

To use Eclipse, I believe.

this is the case

I understand, but don’t you switch to the supported IDE?

i am certain about using eclipse

So you can use the command line to build and deploy your code.
Using a 2018 roboRIO image will make your robot non-legal to play in FRC, and you also miss a lot of nice features added to WPILib in 2019 and 2020.

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You can use the current WPILib tools to create an Eclipse robot project. I can’t personally speak to how easy it is to set up, but you can definitely use Eclipse with WPILib 2019.

Why are you certain about using Eclipse?

Regardless, if you are planning on using this code/project for in season work then it will be illegal. Part of the robot inspection process at events is checking the image version of the roboRIO to make sure it is properly updated.

Additionally, you may run into serious issues if you need any other libraries besides WPILib, namely any CTRE libraries.

I strongly advise against using old versions of the image or WPILib, unless it is absolutely necessary. It does not seem necessary in this case though.


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