roboRIO imaging to incorrect IP

Hey guys,

We’re having an issue with the roboRIO imaging tool. When we re-image the roboRIO, it is re-imaged to an IP Address of However, we know that it should be re-imaged to an IP Address of… We can communicate with the roboRIO through Internet Explorer, pinging, and deploying code, but communications are not being shown in the Driver Station Tab.

Any suggestions on how to fix it?

The roboRIO has two IP addresses.

The is only for the USB connection.
Hook up an A/B USB cable between the laptop and the roboRIO to use this.

What you have for an Ethernet address is sort of a default value.
For the roboRIO to get an appropriate Ethernet address it needs to be connected to a DLink that has been setup with this year’s Bridge Configuration Utility.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Thanks again! Do you know why the driver station might not see it though? We’re running v15.0, and we can deploy code and ping the roborio, but the DS says no connection. Any ideas why?

The DLink assigns compatible IP addresses/netmasks to both the roboRIO and the Driver Station laptop. If they are mismatched, then that may be the cause of the Driver Station not connecting to the Comm task on the roboRIO.