RoboRio Imaging Tool not connecting to RoboRio2

Our team is currently trying to format the rio. We were having some issues with the code so we tried reformatting the rio. During the reformat, it failed because of corrupt firmware. We tried reimaging the sd card for the rio using BalenaEtcher. It said it was successful so we then tried putting it into the rio but the roborio imaging tool said . We tried reimaging the sd card multiple times also using Raspberry Pi imager. Any ideas if there is another way of imaging the sd card? Right now the rio is completely unresponsive.

If you imaged the SD card, the only thing you should need to do is set the team number. You can use the WPILib RoboRIO Team Number Setter tool as an alternative to the imaging tool for this purpose.

The rio wasn’t even connecting to the robot. We just kept trying a different laptops and it randomly worked.

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