RoboRio + Labview: Is it possible to _also_ run python code on RoboRio?

We are using LabVIEW to program the main robot, but are using Python for our CV / targeting subsystem. Am I correct in thinking that if LabVIEW for driving, then we are out of luck also deploying Python on the RoboRIO? (We are definitely using Python on a daughterboard.)

That is, do I understand correctly that the choice of programming language on the RoboRIO is exclusive: we cannot deploy both some amount of LabVIEW code AND some amount of Python code on the RoboRIO?

You can deploy as much code as you want, but you need to do some custom linux-ing, moving code around and running it manually, etc.

If you’re running Python on a coprocessor and just want to access the data, you can use pynetworktables to publish that data, and not need to run Python on the RIO.

For running both programming languages on the roboRIO I think you should be able to run LabVIEW as your main language and use a “Call Library Function Node” in LabVIEW to call python code. I have never done this, but I think that is what the Call Library Function Node is for.

It’s just linux, there’s nothing stopping you from doing both at the same time. The tricky bit would be getting the python code to launch and deploying it (this is just normal linux system administration stuff). You might be able to call it from LabVIEW too.

You probably wouldn’t be able to use “Call Library Function Node” as that would require a C/C++ shared library… but, google “call python from labview” and you’ll find some stuff.

At the moment, I don’t have OpenCV/Python for RoboRIO compiled, but I do have numpy. I’ll probably work on it either tomorrow night or Sunday night.

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