Roborio lost comm

I seen a few recent post of robots loosing communications and well we are seeing some issues too. Our control board that seem reliable the past few weeks seems to have turned for the worse. The ideas of checking CAN buss wiring and other connections have been noted and we will take a look at these since we did infact have the Roborio off the board. We do have two other causes that i had not seen discussed.
Control board (roborio, 2017 radio, axis ip camera, kangaroo mini pc, usb camera, CAN talons, enet hub from first choice) *all static ip
Driverstation (32 bit Win7, AMD, firewall disabled) *static ip
Progaming pc (64 bit Win7, I5, firewall disabled) *DNS enabled.
New triggers
1 Downloading new code Eclipse council reports fail, driverstation communications and code indicators turn red. Both pc’s networks seem still connected. Solutions sometimes pressing the rio reset works otherwise a robot power cycle.
2 control board sitting idle. We are hasing out test code and look at the Driverstation no comms, no code.

What new?
As stated Roborio was removed add reinstalled.
New code test building from stable times now includes grippipeline. We are looking at two vision processes and we’re looking at the auto gear to be in the rio.

Any suggestion to logs and other things to look at?

Thinking even more about it we did have trouble with our NavX micro when coding from two different laptops. One had the newest Wpilib library and older NavXMXP libraries. The second older of both and worked. Talking with the NavX people the latest Wpilibs broke the I2C communications. Updated to the newest NavXMXP and the troubles resolved themselves. Could there be something with the CTR Talon SRX libraries? Specificity with the CAN? Seems one thread on CD is linking hard to the Talons as the root cause.

Are you using LabVIEW? I am the person with the tread linking talon code to the code loss on disconnection. Out of curiosity, if you are using LabVIEW, could you post your code so I can see it?

No sorry, i forgot to post that detail. Java command based,