Roborio Master to Raspberry Pi Slave I2C

Is it possible for a raspberry pi to be controlled as a slave device from I2C from a Roborio?

I understand this video exists but he has no references.

Please Help.

Question: Why?

I would just use Ethernet and communicate over sockets. Make a simple Socket program in Python and use that to control the Pi.

That’s way easier than reprogramming the Pi to be something it isn’t naturally - an I2C slave.

UDP sockets are extremely easy to set up and use between the two. It will prevent overloading the RoboRio with data packets and potentially causing it to start missing control packets. Bad things happen when control packets are missed! (Watch 2073 at 53 sec.)](
Another simple alternative is to set up the Pi as a USB attached device.

Another relatively simple thing to do is use a USB port as a serial connection, which is what we did for some of our microcontrollers this year, and worked great. Though, I would understand if you don’t want to use a serial connection, as the commands you can send over it are simple/ slow compared to using network sockets/ tables.