roboRio needed (urgent)

We are in desperate need of a roboRio!!

Is there any chance you have or know someone that has an extra roboRio that we could use just until stop build day? We would even give a deposit if we had to? We desperately need to use 1 for our prototyping and 1 for our actual robot. We just don’t have the funding to spend $435 or more right now. We are currently trying to find one to purchase for a reasonable price.

Please PM me if you know anyone that is willing to help us!

Thank you,

FRC Team 6108

What happened to your old one? Perhaps folks can help get it working.

Our old one is currently on our prototype and is damaged. It is the only one we have. We received it last year in our Rookie tote.

@OP: Try directly asking teams in your area. Doing it this way they probably won’t see it. But regardless of how you do it put in the order for a new roboRIO ASAP.

In what way is it damaged? Do you have a picture?

I have sent out multiple emails to local teams. We currently do not have the funds to purchase a new roboRio. I currently do not have a picture but the port where the CAN wires (green and yellow twist) go in is not holding them securely. They keep coming out so we put electrical tape to hold them down during competition season last year. During our matches they kept coming loose and our robot was almost not able to pass inspection without having the wires secured in place.

Our team has managed with single cRIO/roboRIO for 4 years. Plan your electrical so that its easy to mount it. Label all wires and it will take about 15 minutes to mount it back.

Did it come like this or did your team break it?

Here are some stupid questions but these things can happen by accident so bear with me.

How long are the stripped ends going into the CAN ports on the roboRIO? ~1/4" - 5/16" is reccomended/

Are you certain you are using the correct size wire? Standard CAN wires are 20AWG

Did something fall on the roboRIO? Do you know what caused the issue?

We accidentally pushed too hard on the port to open it and it just collapsed under the pressure.

The stripped ends are the right size. We are using the CAN wires that we received in the 2016 Rookie Tote, They are 20AWG.

Yes the issue was caused on accident. We applied to much pressure on the port opening and it collapsed. (using the wago tool)

The quote above is from another thread. I suggest doing that.

My recommendation is to get the wire in the broken connector as well as it can be. It won’t be good for competition but it will be better than nothing. In the mean time try to reach out to a local company or create a GoFundMe to get a new one for competition season.

I’ve PM’d you. We have a couple spares - we can lend you one that is not competition legal. We’re a 30 minute drive from you guys and we’ll be in tomorrow until around 4 PM. Call me at the number I provided tomorrow morning after 9AM and we can get you hooked up. We’ll need it back after stop-ship day since it can’t be used at competition anyway.

So your team has had almost a year to address this problem and now it is causing your team an emergency?

Thank you so much!!

It’s only our second year in competition. We did not understand how important it was at the time. We have learned from our mistakes.

I would think if that Roborio is gone forever and will not ever be a competition legal option its time to open it up and wire in some pigtails or repair the connector. The second option may even return it to usable for competition.

If it comes down to that. We will. Thanks for the advice

Ok. Thanks for the advice!

I should point out that any non-NI repair attempt needs to pay attention to R71M. Performance and specs will need to be identical to a new unit. Also note that that voids the warranty, if I’m not mistaken.