RoboRIO Networking/How to change IP address

Hello, my team has been attempting to simultaneously run two bots with two computers. We were wondering how to change the IP address of the RoboRIO so we can run both, since there default IP is: . Though if there is an easier way to do this please let us know. Also, we are not using a router, if its helpful.

        Thank you in advance,
               ~W. Ward~

Are you connecting to each robot wirelessly from the laptop driver stations?
If so then the simplest way to connect to multiple robots is to browse to the DLink on one of the robots and change it’s SSID (under Wireless). Then tell each laptop to connect to different DLinks identified by their unique SSID.
That keeps the two (or more) robot networks completely separate and having common IPs won’t matter.
Step-by-step directions at:

The 172. IP address is only for connecting via USB and would only be a problem if you tried to connect a single laptop to both robots via two USB cables.