RoboRIO Not Booting Up

My team and I ensured that last year’s robot was ready for a presentation when suddenly the LEDs of the RoboRIO stopped working entirely and it when offline. Got any tips on why or how can I fix it?

Can you send a picture?

Check the fuses on the PDP/PDH - they could have blown

Is anything else turning on? Is the battery in good condition? Check the main input on the PDP as well and make sure the PDP turns on.

Nothing is turning on, at this point, I just gave up and realized that it’s completely dead.

I’d reach out to NI if I were you. They may be able to help. RIOs are expensive.

If you need to troubleshoot or Replace RoboRIO. They will walk you through the process.

Nothing is turning on? Not just the rio? If nothing is turning on, I don’t think it’s an issue with the rio (or it is more than just a faulty rio).

Check your PDP wiring again and make sure it turns on and all the breakers are seated correctly.


Just to confirm – Do you have lights on the PDP/PDH? And, no power light on the roboRIO?

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