RoboRio not communicating over CanBus

We are trying to get our drive system working and we are running 4 falcon 500 on Can. the problem is no matter what we do they flash orange (RoboRIO not on CAN Bus) also in Phoenix Tuner none of the devices show up we have triple checked the wiring, any ideas?

Could you clarify what is flashing orange and exactly what the flashing is? Is it the Falcon 500?

Could you post a picture of your CAN bus wiring (preferably with the robot off)?

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Here are some photos we have checked all our wiring the error is (RoboRIO NOT ON CAN BUS)

Thanks. I don’t see anything obviously wrong with the wiring (except that the PCM isn’t hooked in yet, of course). I’m still a little fuzzy on where you’re seeing the “RoboRIO NOT ON CAN BUS” message.

Is the RoboRIO imaged and deployed with software? Can you post a screenshot of the Driver Station open to the Diagnostics Tab?

the electronics plate is just for testing hence the pcm not wired up. and the error we are getting from the motors lights as they can display basic errors with light patterns the patterns are in the falcon 500 user guide. i will post a screenshot of the driver station once we finish reflashing.

Have you tried just connecting 1 falcon to the Rio and nothing else?

that is our next step!

Just in general, I would bring up CAN devices one at a time:

  1. Connect a single device to the RIO
  2. Set it’s unique ID, name, and update FW
  3. Disconnect and move down the chain

After you do this to every device, you should be able to link them all up with a terminating resistor at the end and everything should look good.

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