RoboRIO Not Showing in Imaging Tool


Our RoboRIO is not showing up for config on the Imaging tool, so we can’t update it…what is the problem? We followed the instructions to the letter on the FRC website.

Team 2148


@SparkyTheWolf I recommend you check the steps in: Unable to Connect to roboRIO In LabVIEW or Driver Station


  1. Making sure it is connected and running properly (using the roboRIO’s LED indicators)
  2. Making sure you can ping it by USB (
  3. Making sure there are no firewalls/anti-virus blocking the connection
  4. Running the Imaging Tool as administrator
  5. Trying with the roboRIO in Safe Mode

I hope this helps. Let us know your results.


We did go through all of these steps, although now that I think of it, power might not have been wired correctly to it, I don’t remember seeing the lights…thanks!


If you are still having troubles after checking the connections, I encourage you to contact NI from 1 to 7 PM CST (weekdays) to troubleshoot with an engineer.


Ok, will do, thank you for the help! :slight_smile: