RoboRIO power wires question

Disclaimer: It’s 1:20 am after a long Stop Build Day session.

Regarding the power connector on the RoboRIO, does anyone have a suggestion for connecting the wires well? I’ve never liked that type of connector, even on the cRIO, because of a tendency for the wires to loosen out. The connector is nicely secure to the RIO, but the other side of the connector is a pain for us.

Backstory: today shortly before bagging the robot, we had some issue deploying code (don’t know the cause, and probably won’t until out-of-bag time), but I went and touched the RoboRIO power wires, and they must have arced together because we blew the 10A fuse. Thankfully, the roboRIO is fine (briefly tested with 20A fuse to ensure it would turn on).

Edit: and the RoboRIO is powered by 18 AWG wire.

Strip the wire to the proper length.
Do not twist the wire strands together.
Turn the screw counterclockwise to open the clamp.
Insert the wire to the proper depth.
Turn the screw clockwise to tighten the clamp.
About two minutes later, tighten the screw again.
Tighten it once more the next day.

Use a screwdriver of the appropriate size, so you can apply enough torque on the screw to hold the wire securely.