RoboRio PWM Port Cover

Does anyone have a solution for a PWM Port Cover. We don’t expect to be using many PWM connections this year as we are using Talon SRX Motor Controllers (CAN). Does anyone have a solution in which I can cover the PWM ports on my RoboRio in order to protect these ports from metal shavings and other foreign objects?

Here are a few possible solutions that I was able to come up with:

  1. Electrical tape on the last connector before uncovered ports, and forward to the end of the ports(make sure to cover all spaces)
  2. Antistatic plastic wrap, applied similarly to the electrical tape
  3. Make a cover from something else made of plastic or another non-conductive material
  4. 3D print a custom cover(best fit)
  5. Use a block of foam, and just press it into the pins. You may need to put holes in it, or just cut a channel for the pins(may not be antistatic, but I’m not sure how resistant RIO ports are to static)(this seems like the best option to me)

Just put tape over them? Scotch tape or electrical tape should work well for this.

Use good quality electrical tape (like 3M). Cheap tape or duct tape will leave sticky residue when removed.

My team uses quality painter’s tape, the low tack blue masking tape but lots of different tapes will do the job and not leave a messy residue.

Just out of curiosity does anyone have experience using something like a 3D printed cover or some Lexan to protect the ports? I wanted a more permanent solution?

Team 295 uses 3D printed covers for all the open RIO ports. 1212Robotics has posted all of the print files on thingiverse

A quick search on grabcad brings up these results