RoboRio redeploying code unnecessarily

Whenever we are deploy code, it sends all of our code instead of just the changed files. Is there a setting to change it so that it only deploys changed files? This problem only started occurring today when we reflashed our Roborio for the 2020 season.

Is it really a problem? Whenever you build and run code, it has to recompile the whole program. Are you Java/C++ or Labview? Is this increasing build time by any significant amount?

Assuming you’re using C++ or Java, the build should be incremental (compiles only what’s changed). However, it still needs to deploy everything to the Roborio. Also, the code itself is compiled to a single binary file, so there’s no way to only copy “changed files”.

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We’re using Python. It’s rather annoying since it takes a few minutes to deploy instead of a few seconds.

Python is interpreted, so you can just copy files over manually, right? I’ve never used python on the robot, so I’m not familiar with it’s default deployment process. But if you have the ability to copy files over manually, then you should be able to script the deployment using a file-copy tool that is able to detect changes.

As an addendum to @Fletch1373’s response, RobotPy is an amazing open source project accepting contributions! Though I am not remotely associated with the project, you should feel free to make make the changes yourself (it shouldn’t be too hard), or file an issue at PyFRC. Please remember that open source projects are generally run by volunteers, so your issue may not be immediately attended to. The deploy seems to be happening here.
If ur looking for a quick an dirty solution (not at all recommended) consider using some rsync, a command line utility for syncing files across servers. You can create a script to rsync your python project as part of the deploy process.

By design, RobotPy does copy all of the files in the deploy directory over to your roborio. Under normal circumstances, this would take only seconds.

What operating system are you using? Which version of RobotPy installer?

My team uses python and we’ve never had more than 10 seconds for deploy, usually more like 2-3.

We figured it out. It turned out to be that it was unintentionally deploying files and folders created by PyCharm

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