Roborio set screw?

Anybody know what size the missing screw is?

Unfortunately, that connector is toast. Once they come apart like that I would never trust them for a solid connection again.

ETA: Andymark sells the connectors, and I know you can get a Phoenix variety that’s pretty inexpensive from Digi-Key. I’ll have to look that one up…

We’ve used this one: 1714977 Phoenix Contact | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey.

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Thanks! Do you happen to know how the connector is connected to the Rio? Am I going to have to get one of our EE mentors to unsolder the current connector and solder the new one on? Or is it easier than that?

The screws on the top are what hold the connector into the plug. Just unscrew those, and it will come out. No need for soldering or anything.

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CEF, buying a new connector is easier than trying to find a replacement for that screw. I don’t think it is a set screw as much as particular threaded fastener and I suspect it is also metric. The screw is threaded into the back of a metal clamp that squeezes the wire.

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