RoboRio stopped communicating after 2016 update?


We are having terrible troubles trying to at the very least getting the Communications to show up green. When we go under diagnostics tab, we see there is the Robot Radio and Robot green while the Enet Link, DS Radio, and FMS are all blank. We tried reverting back to the 2015 image with no luck. We are using Driver Station version 16.0.1 and currently the Rio has 2015 rev23 image. We did try using Driver Station 15 and that showed no green lights. The Web interface does actually load when we use the USB and go to 172…

When are using the old Dlink router if it matters which it shouldn’t because it is on the 2015 image and firmware currently.

Nevermind, we actually just needed to use the new router…

Wait, does that mean we can no longer run robots using the old dlink router after updating?

That is what I have found, but I am definitely not the most experienced person in the community.

I am presently running a benchTest with our old dlink and an updated Rio and it works.

How did you configure the D-Link and the RoboRio? We are having the same problem as team 4880.

So, you’re just trying to connect the 2016 Driver Station to an unmodified 2015 robot setup?

There will be mixed results because the mDNS name has changed between last year and this year, so the old roboRIO setup will be using a different name than what the new Driver Station expects.

The AP is just an AP whether it’s a DLink or an OpenMesh.

By the way, you know in the movies, when those pesky programmers intentionally leave back doors in the code that the bad guys use to do bad things?

Well, on the setup tab of the DS, where it says to enter your team number, you can also type in a device name or a static IP string. Also, if you click on the V arrow next to that field, it should list all roboRIOs that respond with something that contains your team number. If you shift-click on it, it responds with roboRIOs whether they have your team number or not. Selecting things in the list put them in the field and let you communicate with them.

Please fix the device names for competition robots so they work using only your team number in that field – that is, if you want it to work at an event.

Greg McKaskle