RoboRIO suddenly doesn't work?

Hi! We just hit a major bump in the road. Our roboRIO that was programmed in Python(RobotPy), suddenly does not drive. Our Jaguars hold a solid yellow light which means that it should work. When we try to use any of our joysticks, the lights don’t change color. Using the same code before, the robot worked and there was no problems. Any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated!!! Code if it matters:

Presumably you’ve rebooted, etc. Does it switch into teleoperated/autonomous/etc mode? Does it show no code? More details?

Yes we rebooted, so it switches to teleop mode and it does detect my code. I enable the robot, but the speed controllers don’t change color when I press buttons and joysticks. Thanks!

Make sure that your joysticks are configured correctly in the driver station. I have found that the stick order can get easily shuffled around when plugging and unplugging joysticks.

also make sure to check the output on the riolog, code can crash causing it to not run and not operate.

Just for those who are wondering, we got our roboRIO to work! All we did was hit the reset button on the roboRIO a couple times and redeployed. Thanks for all the help!!