Roborio Suddenly lose connection from computer

We 've updated the roborio and the radio two times and when we try to do the autonomous test or use the teleop after some seconds the robot lose connection with driver station, but in roborio the communication light still green, i dont know what we can do, can anyone help pls?

Check your versions and update to the latest software update from last week.

roboRIO image version: FRC_roboRIO_2018_v17
roboRIO firmware version 5.0.0f1

@Mark, where do you find out firmware and image updates for the RIO? The image update was announced in the team update, but nothing has talked about firmware updates.

My team has been having the exact same issue on both wifi and Ethernet. We also cannot push our code to the roboRIO over wifi since there’s either it drops connection in the middle of pushing or there’s an FTP error.

I’ll post an update once they try flashing the rio with the update.

Vitor 6404, I believe this thread mentions a similar problem to yours: Robot Communications issues

I’d advice taking the same steps mentioned there:

A) Check your battery’s voltage. Communication is sometimes related to low voltages in the robot.

B) Try with a freshly charged battery and leave the DS connected for a while (without moving the robot’s motors)?

C) Check the power supply to the roboRIO. Are the wires correctly fixed to both the PDP and the roboRIO power supply terminals?

DubstepLion1, sometimes the WiFi network will result in these errors, since the communication between the roboRIO and the computer will depend on the quelity of the signal.

I see you have also tried using Ethernet, has this happened too with the roboRIO connected directly to the laptop over Ethernet? Is there anything different between the behavior of Ethernet, over WiFi? Have you tried loading the code using the USB connection?

Let us know your results.

Is it possible you have some sort of antivirus software trying to block the connection due to sudden “suspicious” activity? One of our laptops we use has Avast and we always have to temporarily disable the firewall while testing.

Make sure you aren’t printing too much to the console. There is a bug in the update suite that kills the bot if the console fills up too much. You can fix this by redownloading the new update suite (it came out last week.) and then reflash the rio with the new firmware.

Sorry, I forgot to post an update but flashing the firmware seems to be working. So far, we haven’t had issues with losing comms like before. NathanStro’s advice helped out a lot since our programming team was outputting tons of values periodically to the console.

Thanks, this is a really useful list of steps! We haven’t tried loading the code over USB connection yet, but we do notice that the roboRIO’s mDNS address seems to resolve much quicker over ethernet than over wifi. This is actually something we noticed since 2015, our first year as well as the first year of mDNS.