Roborio TCP port connection errors

We recently participated in the Israeli Spin Off and experienced technical difficulties that seemed to stem from the usage of an unallowed port.

We tried to open a tcp connection on port 3075 and only later found out the allowed port range is between 5800 - 5810. (The port is opened on the Roborio itself)

Is there anyway around the problem or will we be forced to choose a different port?

Any ports other then what are specified as open ports in the manual are disallowed to be used on the field. Note these might be different for the 2018 season, but I doubt it. I would go by the 2017 manual for which ports are allowed by the field. Otherwise, the field will be blocking any other port.

Follow up question:

Is the adb connection between the Roborio and an Android blocked because the adb is running on port 5037?

No. That should be local traffic.