Roborio to relay

We have a linear actuator to control. This takes 12V, 2A to operate. The plan is to have the Roborio actuate a relay that controls 12V to the actuator. The Roborio relay output specs are 5V and 7.5mA. Digikey offers a million relays with a 5V control signal to the coil but have only a single relay with <7.5mA. It seems like the Roborio relay output is virtually unusable. Am I missing something?

I’m getting two of the TE (Axicom) PB1619-ND which has a 5V, 6.8mA coil that the Roborio can control. It can switch a 12V 1A load. I’ll wire up two in parallel to deliver 2A to the actuator. Its only going to actuate once as a release mechanism for a second so I’m not too afraid of anything overheating.

R29: With the exception of servos, fans, or motors integral to sensors of COTS computing devices permitted in R27, each actuator must be controlled by a power regulating device. The only power regulating devices for actuators permitted on the ROBOT include:

R29, B: Relay Modules
i. Spike H-Bridge Relay (P/N: 217-0220 and SPIKE-RELAY-H)
ii. Automation Direct Relay (P/N: AD-SSR6M12-DC-200D, AD-SSRM6M25-DC-200D, AD-SSR6M45-DC-200D)

What motor is in the linear actuator? Is it on the allowed list on R27?


Oh! good to know. The Automation Direct should work.

Also check that the motor on your actuator is legal as @Peter_Johnson stated!

+1 for checking the motor. The team I am mentoring this year could not pass inspection last year because the linear actuator they used had a non-legal motor. Unfortunately, the design was such that they could not modify it to accept a legal motor and had to scrap their main scoring mechanism.

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