Roborio USB-B port broken



The USB-B port on one our Roborios has lost the central piece of plastic holding the pins out. Is there any way to salvage the Roborio, or do we just throw the towel in? We may be able to create some kind of central post for it, and were looking to see if any other teams have run into similar issues.

We have the option of avoiding the issue by using our other Roborios, and fixing this issue in downtime, or after the build season, but I wanted to put this out sooner rather than later.

Yes, we should have had usb-b pigtails to prevent this, but we didn’t. We are looking into buying some, so we should be able to avoid breaking any more, but we also don’t want to just throw out a whole Roborio if we don’t have to.


This happened to me as a student on 4322 in 2016. We were able to call NI’s tech support and get the RIO replaced under warranty. I suggest you try the same. The number for their support line is 866-511-6285.