RoboRio USB camera help

We have a simple USB webcam that works perfectly on the laptop. It was working on the Rio, but not anymore (not sure what changed). When we boot up the camera light comes on, flashes twice and turns off. Driver Station does not show any camera attached. Going to buy another camera and try, but hoping someone has some ideas as to what’s going on and what we could try? Thanks.

Have you checked you created the camera in your robot code?

That sounds like user code, not the camera.

What programming language?
Do you know how to setup the camera in that language?

One thing to note is that by default (at least in Java and C++), the WPI camera streaming implementation does not attempt to stream unless some sink (usually a website) is attempting to get data from the camera. This means the light will remain off until you are actually looking to view the stream.

Hi all - thank you so much for the suggestions. I was under the impression that the driver station should see the camera even without user code. That could be my mistake and explain why it was working at one point - code changes tend to make things stop working. We are using Python and I believe we have the camera code for that. I will take these suggestions and dig into it later today. Thanks again

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