roboRIO USB Serial

Hi All! Has any one had any success communicating over a USB serial port (ex /dev/ttyACM0) from within robot software? Any luck from Java?

Lots of my google searching reveals java’s built-in support isn’t the best, and lots of folks have made libraries for it. Not sure which would work though. Trying to see if anyone’s got a known-good direction I can pursue before shooting in the dark.

We could use the hardware RS232 port which is supported by WPIlib, but using USB allows us to have less wiring to do.

WPILib should support up to 3 USB serial devices using kUSB, kUSB1, and kUSB2. I believe the NavX code uses this WPILib support.

Bingo, thanks. I missed that. Will give it a shot in the next couple weeks.