roboRIO useage

Our team would like to know if the RoboRIO will work with the old PDB (non-CAN) and some voltage regulator other then the 2015 VRM?

We understand that what we will be doing is not legal in the 2015 robot but just what to know if it work.

The reason is real simple, so that we only need to take the RoboRIO from the ‘bagged’ bot to continue software development.

Many thanks, in advance.

A 12V supply with a 10A fuse would power the roboRIO very nicely. Don’t power it from 24V that was previously used for cRIO however, as roboRIO gets grumpy when you feed it too many volts.

As long as you aren’t dependent on the current-monitoring capabilities of the PDB, this should function OK. I’m not an expert on the new 'RIO, so no guarantees…

This is one of the main questions is how dependent is the system on the CAN bus being hooked up to the PDP and VRM?

We fried the CAN bus on our PD board and the robot still works fine. (Not sure how that happened but the status lights will not come on and when we open it the chips look a little fried.) But the power bus of PD board works fine. We have to buy a new one and replace it since the rules require the status lights to work.

No dependency at all.

There is no VRM CAN connection anyway. Any 12v/5v voltage regulator can be used to support the radio.

The PDP CAN connection is only for monitoring purposes.