Roborio wont connect to Phoenix tuner and wont show up- Lost comms

Im having trouble with the roborio because im trying to connect it to the phoenix tuner and it wont show up. It shows up on the roborio imaging tool and I have made sure to reformat and upadte it as well. I’v also powecycled it and restarted the pc. one other thing is that the comms light dosent turn on on the physical roborio. Ideas?
Thank you in advance.

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Are you connected wirelessly or through usb/ethernet. Are the comms light appearing in Driver Station?

im useing usb also what does drive station do for it?

Using command prompt on windows or terminal on mac, attempt to ping your robot IP address and see whether you get a response.

If you recently formatted the Rio then sometimes it looks like Phoenix tuner does not connect because the CTRE software isn’t installed, but if you hit the Install Phoenix Library/Diagnostics button it connects and then everything starts working. We could see that we would connect to the driverstation, but Phoenix tuner showed not connected.

GUYS GREAT NEWS I GOT IT WORKING the problem was it had lost communications so we just needed to figure out how to ping it and load something like gridlew blah blah balh on cmd and it re-established comms

That’s was partially what fixed it

You have to install Phoenix again after you image the RIO. See warning below.

Not sometimes. Every time you image the RIO, you must reinstall the diagnostics for Tuner functionality. See image above.

Confirm Team Number / host name in the Robot Controller Install Tab.

To diagnose root-cause, look at the bottom status bar.
If you are using latest (1.3), Tuner will tell you if it cannot find the RIO. In which case you have a network issue.

If you get this error, than the RIO is still booting up or Phoenix Diagnostics needs to be installed.

No problems mate.

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