Our roborio was working fine through lots of tests when it randomly began throwing the error that the .jar file on the rio was corrupt. I then reflashed the Roborio via SD card, which also did not fix the error. I’ve tried booting to safe mode and then imaging via the tool (no luck, throws an error), safemode to SD card (error again), SD card without safemode 2x, imaging tool without safemode 2x, none of which worked. If anyone knows, please help? I’m desperate at this point

Do you have the full text of the error you are seeing? Either the text itself, or a screenshot of where/when you see it?

Do you have a second roboRIO to attempt the operation on, to see if it’s specific to the hardware, or some specific laptop/image or piece of code you’re deploying?

In parallel to this, if you suspect a hardware issue, have you reached out to NI? Historically they offer support for FIRST teams experiencing similar issues.

Just now seeing this, I never got an email noti for some reason. I saw that invalid .jar error on Riolog, but after reflashing via SD have never seen it again. However, there’s absolutely no communication now.

Unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot, I’m a total idiot for not taking one. (Assumed it was a simple problem that could be fixed by reflashing).

I do, but it’s a Roborio 1. I tried from the same laptop to update that, it worked fine. I tried a similar code (had to change things like Sparkmax to falcon to use on a different chassis, but it worked).

Will definitely reach out, thank you so much.

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